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Tattoo Kits Potential

Whether you are starting your own inking business or just placing ink on family or friends, tattoo kits are an inexpensive and effective option to use to express oneself through imagery.

The art of tattooing can be traced back to Neolithic times. While the use of tattoo kits can be seen throughout the years in history, the actual contents of the "kits" have changed over the years.

Research shows a pointy sharp needle-like item to be traced as far back as 3000 B.C. Discoveries have uncovered how these instruments were used; strapping several of them together with a wooden handle was effective in piercing the skin in repeated rhythm. In ancient China, tattoos were commonly seen covering a large majority of the body as well as the face.

Tattoo kits were used for some of the same aspirations as seen in today's tattoos. Evidence shows that ancient tattooing was used for varying reasons including but not limited to:

    * ornamental displays
    * prestige emblems
    * broadcasts of allegiance
    * medicinal therapy and treatment
    * religious beliefs and support
    * adornments
    * a form of punishment.

While tattoo kits can be seen throughout history, there are some cultures with negative depictions of tattoo usage. The traditional Han Chinese believes that the human body is a gift that should be honored and not "damaged" at any cost. The Han Chinese view tattooing and skin piercings as offensive and unacceptable.

Many cultures in this current age are open to the art of tattooing. The use of tattoo kits is a good way to save money as well as earn money. Keep in mind that a tattoo is semi-permanent and can cost upwards of $10,000 to be removed. When considering a tattoo, extensive thought should be made about the details of the art and location of the image. Some spots you may want to avoid applying your tattoo kit on, are as follows:

    * Face
    * hand and fingers
    * genitals
    * feet

The most important piece of equipment in your tattoo kit will be the tattoo gun. A machine that is comfortable to hold in your hand and manufactured of durable materials is important. Most often, Tattoo Machine Kits include tattoo guns that are made from steel, iron, or aluminum as these are non corrosive. Some of the contents you can expect to receive in your tattoo kit are:

    * tattoo gun (linear and or shader)
    * tattoo gun grips
    * power supply (foot pedal & clip cord)
    * sterile needles
    * needle tips
    * inks
    * inks cups/caps
    * manual or instruction
    * practice skin
    * hazardous waste container

Prior to inking human skin, a tattoo artist should perform several hours of practice with his or her new tattoo kit. Inside the kit should be a practice medium for this purpose. Experimenting with varying holding techniques and positioning is important to get the perfect comfortable fit that allows the artist to blossom.

Lastly, keep in mind that your used tattoo needles cannot be placed in a regular waste receptacle. A used tattoo needle will have blood and skin cells amidst the lumen and regulations control the disposal of this potentially hazardous waste. If your tattoo kit does not provide a hazardous waste receptacle, contact your local waste removal service provider.

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