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The Meaning Behind Tiger Tattoos - A Cheap Tattoo Machines

Nowadays, the number of people who are getting a tiger tattoo is increasing. This might be because these animals are slowly joining the list of the world's endangered species. In fact, there is currently only less than 5,000 tigers which can be found in Asia. This study is supported by the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation. But this number does not yet include the amount of endangered tigers in the whole world. And today, there are more groups which are being formed in order to help conserve and protect the tigers which still exist.

But the growing number of people getting the animal permanently inked on their bodies is not only because of their support to these groups. Having a tattoo of a tiger is a common representation for many things such as strength and power. This could be because the normal reaction of people upon seeing tigers is that they feel scared and show a great amount of respect for it. Aside from this representation, they could also show vitality, courage, and passion. Normally, when someone decides to get a tattoo of the animal on his body, he can identify with the characteristics of the great animal.

Aside from those powerful depictions of the animal, it can also mean passion, sensuality, pride, and beauty. For the Japanese Samurai, tigers were once used as a crest. If you have decided to get this tattoo design, you must remember that it is intended to have a large size. Normally, the body part where this is tattooed to is the bicep. This might be because it means strength. The usual colors being used for this tattoo design is yellow, gold, and black. But you can still find other designs that have more complex and are using more intricate colors. Although, you have to keep in mind that the more complicated a tattoo is, it will also be more expensive.

Though those procedures are still used in certain cases, lasers have replaced them as the standard tattoo removal treatment. Lasers work by producing short pulses of intense light that pass through the top layers of your skin and get absorbed by the Tattoo Machines. That light energy causes the tattoo pigment to fragment into small particles that then are removed naturally by your body's immune system.

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