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Make Your Tattoo Ink More Colorful

Tattoo inks are wildly used in tattooing today. On the market, tattoo inks come with a range of different colors, and they can be mixed together to create other different colors. If you are not satisfied with the simple color of the tattoo inks which you bought on the market, you can try to make new colors by yourself at home.

Things you need:

Standard color palette of premixed ink

Distilled water

Various colors of ink

Sterile bottles for mixed ink


Usually you may want to change the brightness of the ink, with the help of black and white tattoo ink, you can easily change the brightness of the tattoo ink. A drop of black can make the color of the tattoo ink darken, and a drop of white can lighter the color. When lighter the color, distilled water also can be your choice. But pay attention to not add too much of them once, because a little drop can change a lot, add for times till you get the right color you want. Here I offer you a color map which may help you create more colorful tattoo inks by yourself.

    White + blue= power blue
    Rose + black = brown
    Yellow + white = cream
    Red + yellow + white = the color of skin
    Blue + yellow = hunter green

If you want to create more colors as you like, searching from the Internet or doing experiments will benefit for you .


Some pigments of the tattoo ink is poisonous to our body, when you make your own tattoo inks at home, take care not to taste them. Keep them away from children for fear of they eat them as delicious food.

Don't add too much Tattoo Ink of a special color at once, as a little goes a long way. The more you practices, the more beautiful the color would be created.

As the tattoo ink is hard to be washed, take care not to drop it on you skin or your cloth, or it would be a huge project for you to clean it.

Tattoo is quite popular in modern days. More and more people have the desire to have a tattoo in order to coming up with the fashion but there is a point we must get to know that not everyone is OK to have a tattoo.

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