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Tattoo Machines: A Tool to Exhibit Craftsmanship and Skill

Tattooing has become a trendy and paying profession. Many people become tattoo artist and use tattoo machines of different types for different functions while tattooing is done on a part of somebody’s body. The machines are mechanical devices but they work on the same principle as the old unsophisticated needle printing. The essential principle is to inject the ink under the skin by up and down motion of the pin. This was done by hand in a slow and painful manner. Tattoo machine work fast and print the ink under the skin and form a uniform pattern to get the tattoo. Tattoos last a life time with a very little fading. Tattooing has become a very sophisticated affair and the tattoo artiste uses different tattoo machines for different purposes.
Getting tattooed was not considered acceptable by sophisticated people when tattooing was done by tribal women using crude pins and inks and making the whole exercise a painful one. The invention of tattoo machines and their use by so called tattooing experts have led to the complete reversal of opinion about it by the so called sophisticated people. Getting tattooed by a tattooing artist using tattoo machines has become fashionable among all classes of people. It is popular among both males and females.
Basically tattoo machines have been designed to carry out 2 different functions. They are the liner function and the shading function. The liner machine has the needles in a group arranged in a circle. The function of the liner machine is to make an outline and also workout the line work required. The shading machines have needles arranged flat rows, they color the outline add depth to it and do the shading.
The machines which combine the work of lining and shading are rotary machines. Electric coils are used as the driving force for the needle to pierce the skin in all types of tattoo machines but in the case of the rotary machine wheel replaces the coil as the driving force.
Tattooing was in the family only, now tattoo artist learn tattooing with the help of the machines and tattoo materials. Kits, essentially for the use of beginners are available in the market for practicing. The kit includes the tattoo machine and includes all items normally used by tattooing artiste, like needles, ink etc. The Tattoo machine that comes with the kit is the same as the other machines in general use. Practicing is done on the practice skin that comes with beginner’s kit. Cautious use of the machine as well as the on/off pedal for power supply is essential for successful tattooing.

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