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Top great LCD Tattoo Power Supply Top great LCD Tattoo Power Supply Top great LCD Tattoo Power Supply

Top great LCD Tattoo Power Supply

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Weight: 500g
Measurements: 15.3cm×10.8cm×5.7cm
Input AC:60V-250V 50Hz-60Hz (Worldwide use available)
Output DC: 1.5V-22V 2A
Capable of running 8-Wrap to 12-Wrap tattoo Machines
Turning Power: Our Multi Turn (10-Turn) Allows you to Fine Tune your Machine to 2 decimal points (0.00)
Power: DC 24V (110V-240V Can be used Worldwide)

This part of the display measures the “MACHINE SPEED” in Hertz or cycles per second.  A complete cycle would be when the armature bar swings down to hit the Coils. To increase the machines speed you can adjust the contact Screw down giving it a shorter but faster swing. Another way to change speed would be to get a Thicker or Thinner front spring. Having a Thicker Spring will give you a faster speed, while having a thinner will decrease your speed.

This displays the amount of skipping that occurs when your machine is swinging up and down.

When the machine is off the contact screw and front spring are touching. Once power is applied to your machine the coils are magnetically charged, Thus forcing the armature bar to swing down. The swing down motion then breaks the connection with the contact screw and front spring. The back spring then forces the armature bar to return back to its original position. If there is any skipping the CYCLONE 360 will display the number of times the skipping occurs. You want to get it as close to ZERO as possible to guarantee a clean follow through. Many factors that may cause this problem would be contact screw angle and gap. Any minor adjustments can alter your follow through.  

This displays the relationship between the contact opening time and contact closing time per swing.


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